With the help of equipment installed on location, we get hourly data on the amount of water in the soil and soil temperature.

Equipment consists of:

  • Moisture sensors – these are installed in the field to a depth of about 10-20 cm.
  • Communication and control device – it controls the sensors and sends the collected data to the receiver (router) via the LoRaWAN network.
  • LoRaWAN router – must be connected to the Internet, as it forwards data to the server.
Moisture sensor with communication device
LoRaWAN router with power supply and network cable

Sensors used

The SM150T sensor measures soil moisture and temperature with high accuracy. It offers stable, reliable and robust performance while being affordable.

  • Reliable soil moisture measurements with ± 3% accuracy
  • Built-in temperature measurement
  • Waterproof connector with IP68 protection
  • Resistant to various weather conditions
  • Can be installed underground
  • Excellent stability and reliability
  • Robust design with a 5-year warranty.

Solvera Lynx LoRaWAN communication device

  • 2 sensors can be connected to the communication device
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C,
  • Housing: IP68 (suitable for outdoors)
  • The data transmission interval is adjustable to the user's requirements
  • Battery: replaceable,
  • Battery life: 5 years (depending on sensors, signal strength and reporting interval)
Examples of installing a sensor with a communication device