Information system for irrigation IRRIGEN

Growing quality vegetables without irrigation is no longer possible. If there is not enough water, the yield will be lower and it will be of lower quality. On the other hand, too much irrigation can also damage crop quality and soil fertility. Our irrigation information system gives irrigation advice based on many parameters — how long and when you need to irrigate for a high-quality and crop with minimal water consumption.


The System

The IRRIGEN Irrigation Information System captures data from fields where sensors continuously measure the amount of water in the soil and soil temperature. The measurements are sent via a wireless network every few hours to a central system that prepares irrigation advice and forwards it to the farmer in an application available on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Irrigation advice


The system prepares irrigation advice several times a day, taking into account measurements from the field, weather forecasts, growth phase of the plants (phenophase) and soil properties, especially its ability to retain water. That way, you won't be watering if it will rain tomorrow or if there is still enough water in the soil.


For accurate advice, it is necessary to know the situation in the field, which is why soil moisture sensors are necessary. We use battery-powered sensors that send data via a LoraWAN wireless network with very low power consumption to the central server. The battery works for many years and is easy to replace.


About the project

All activities of the Digitization of vegetable irrigation project are supported by measures from the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014-2020, 16.2 Support for pilot projects and for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies.

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